01 December, 2011

It's December

I can't believe that we are already into December! This past yer has felt like it has flown by in some aspects and never ended in others but either way, it is time to write the final chapter on 2011 and get ready for 2012. I understand that this is also the middle of a crazy holiday season but there is no reason for that to stop your progress toward being at your peak performance and best look ever. now is as good of a time as any to kick your motivation into overdrive and fucking tear it off the proverbial wall. From an athletic point of view, I would concentrate on maintaining or losing weight and increasing flexibility during this month and that is just the way that the workouts will be tailored. The reasoning for this is that less weight on your joints means that you will have a body that is less vulnerable to injury and increased flexibility will better prepare you for kicking girls asses once the season kicks back into full swing. These things take a little time so preparing for them now is a much more ideal approach than waiting til two weeks before you have to make training camp. So without further adieu, let's get down to business!



5 min warm up
2x 20 push ups with rotation
2x 20 step- up to overhead press
2x 20 back flys
2x 20 straight leg dead lifts
4x 30 sec planks
2x 25 neg crunches
2x 25 side swishies
5 min cooldown

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