01 December, 2011

Not So Sweet Emotion

Crowds cheer, taunt, and cat call. The other team sneers and berates by whatever means necessary. your own teammates scream and encourage the best they know how. This is the scenario that we all find ourselves in on game day. Hell, occasionally this is what practice can feel like. it all boils down to psychological warfare and like warfare of any kind it has it's price. Psyche, by definition, is the term that describes the human soul or spirit, essentially the emotional epicenter of ourselves as a human being. While typically feeling is a good thing, in a game-time situation it can be much more of an enemy than a friend because emotions can cloud everything from judgment to the ability to execute even the most basic and ingrained of skills. I can remember as a kid playing soccer and having well meaning coaches tell me to imagine the ball being the face of someone that I hated and kick it as hard as I could. I remember doing just that and missing the ball entirely, landing flat on my back with the force of my leg picking me right up off of my feet. It wasn't until I got around some good coaches that I was taught that fundamentals such as kicking a ball and staying on your feet were best executed with no emotion at all. You see this demonstrated with good runners, especially sprinters. The expression on their face remains relaxed freeing up tension in the facial muscles and reserving more energy for making their feet move as fast as they can. The same applies to roller derby, both skating and hitting. If you want your moves to look ice cold, that is the way that you should feel inside (on the outside you should feel hot and sweaty). The ability to control your emotions in a way that takes them out of the equation will always lend itself the best performance possible. Save the emotion for celebrating the win at the after party because there is no need for stoic reserve there. After all it is a party ...



5 min warm up
2x 20 push up to rows
2x 20 step up to overhead presses
2x 20 side lunges
2x 20 squat jumps
4x 30 sec planks
2x 25 side swishies
2x 25 bicycle crunches
5 min cool down

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