30 December, 2011


2011 is nearly all gone and 2012 is upon us. Besides the parties and dui checkpoints that will shortly ensue, the champagne and the auld lang syne, New Years' resolutions will be made by most. Among these will be one that will pertain to health or physical fitness. Now forgive my cynicism but this is mostly bullshit, forgotten by the time the hangover has worn off. I cannot tell you the number of people that I have seen over the years come into the gym on January first only to sign up and never be seen again, but the number is staggering. My personal belief is that a resolution has become little more than a tradition that is made and never carried out. The silver lining in all of this? It is very simple to stand out among the crowd that neglects to be truly resolute with there plans and goals. Nothing will make the masses more uncomfortable than an individual that decides to make some changes and then does exactly that for themselves personally. The rest of the good news is that it doesn't take much effort really. Goals can be achieved and resolutions upheld by simply doing something, anything really, to gain just a little ground toward that which you set out to achieve. I have also seen this happen many times and the results can be staggering. So whether you want to lose 5 pounds, break a four minute mile, or just be in the best ass kicking shape you have ever been in on wheels, make a decision to achieve your aim and then take the actions to show that you are serious. You may literally astonish yourself and the rest of us in the process!


5 min warm up
4x 8 push ups with rotation
4x 8 overhead presses
4x 8 inverted rows
4x 8 jump squats
2x 20 quadruped
2x 25 neg crunches
5 min cool down


  1. Great work out plan. I can use this for baseball workouts as well. With jump squats, have you ever experimented with adding free weights?

  2. Thank You! The workouts drawn up here are designed to develop improved athleticism across the board. Jump squats can be performed with a variety of different forms of resistance including the use of free weights provided that the form is proper to begin with. Jump squats, like many other exercises, is very dynamic motion and offers incredible reward for the efforts expended but equally can be hard on joints if not executed properly. I strongly encourage the progression of all exercises from basic to more complex. Keep the progress coming!