30 May, 2012


Every now and then we can have a tendency to find ourselves out of position. Sure we fo the best we can to prepare for any situation and try to read the play as it unfolds but even doing that is sometimes not enough. The trouble really comes in when we fail to re-engage immediately and lose a few steps in the process. If you can identify with this right now I am sure you are not alone. A little advice: now is not the time to start making cautious plays and holding back further. Remember your instincts, verify that they are still good, and take action. Truthfully there is no time for a rebuilding year in life so I highly recommend making adjustments on the fly which will improve your position and have you ready to go again at full steam. Lastly, and hopefully this goes without saying, never give up. quitting is the only way to turn a setback into a failure.



5 min warm up


10 burpees

30 push ups

30 lunges

15 inverted rows

20 jackknifes

5 min cooldown


As fast as you can get through with perfect form

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