24 July, 2012

Breaking The Rules

This morning I was training a few roller girls and was reminded of why I began working with these athletes (derby girls in general) to begin with. They were recounting the previous weekends bout and all the glory that it entailed. They talked about the scores, the penalties, the hits, and how in the end none of this mattered because they were having a good time. Fuck the rules, fuck the refs, just play. I appreciated this mentality because, while I can't say that I completely agree with discarding the rules (maybe the refs), that is why we started in the first place. Sports came about to replace war, not to start it. The bickering over who did or didn't cut track or back block seems a little dumb for a sport that started with people trying to race each other and knock them around a track for as long as they could. Sounds like the antithesis of structured and rule bound, but a hell of a lot of fun. Do with it what you will but I am just happy to say that I still know girls that are giddy every time they skate and love to hit and hit hard while skating as fast as they can, rules be damned.


5 min warm up
3x 15 burpees
3x 15 lame duck push ups
3x 15 box jumps
3x 15 inverted rows
3x 15 front squat to overhead presses
4x 15 med ball twists
5 min cool down

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