24 October, 2012

Here We Go Again

WFTDA Championships are around the corner and I believe everyone is excited. For one team this will mean being given The Hydra, as well as the title of Roller Derby Champion of the World. Best of luck to all teams competing and congratulations to whichever team ends up winning.

That being said, lets get back to the point today. I have been working with Roller Girls for almost 5 years now and along the way have experienced some amazing things. Like many of the skaters there have been times that I have hated roller derby; the politics, the difficulty in getting anything done, the conflicts of personality, and in my case the overwhelming resistance that I have experienced in convincing skaters in the need for cross training. However, like most skaters that I know, this is all far outweighed by my love for the sport, the competition, and the women who play. I personally have never met a skater that was not somehow pushing the envelope of women's sports to a better place. I believe that tearing away the stigma of women's sports being far less exciting than men's is vital and derby girls do that with style. A few years ago when I began writing this blog and posting highly effective workouts for skaters (along with some of my less than worthwhile opinions) to assist in the best way that I know how toward bringing Roller Derby to the mainstream. I feel that to further legitimize the sport in the eyes of the public a greater focus needs to be placed on athleticism in this game we hold so dearly.

Roller derby is no longer one dimensional. It has been constantly evolving into a much more strategic sport that requires it's players to be far more dynamic in their abilities. In short, being able to skate fast and turn left is not enough to truly excel anymore.

Now, to stop rambling and put a point on this, this blog will be proceeding from here(finally) to give tips that can be effective for all skaters in helping their game step up to the next level. Many of the previous workouts posted here have been focused on core stabilization, which is absolutely necessary. Moving forward, we will be focusing on building from that platform to increase strength, speed, agility, dynamic flexibility, and overall awesomeness. This will make you a better skater as well less prone to injury, which are awesome things to be. So without further adieu, lets get back to work with the task for the day!

5 min warm up
3x 12 spiderman pushups
3x 12 front squat to overhead press
3x 12 inverted rows
3x 15 meters lunges with med ball twist to the outside
2x 25 ball crunches
2x 10 jackknifes
5 min cooldown



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