26 October, 2012

Learning To Adjust

Let me be candid here for a moment. This morning I woke up in a small house less than two blocks from a Target store. I made some coffee, took a shower, and tried to bring myself into the land of the living. I was already running late and there was someone waiting for me. As I pulled out of the driveway and turned around the corner of the sleepy street that is now my home I couldn't help but think of the difference the past year made in my life. Last year at this time I had nothing to do with sleepy streets in the burbs next to box stores. For that matter, I didn't have anything to do with a car as I had sold mine and was solely relying on a bicycle to get myself around. This was not an issue because I was living right in the heart of my city and everything was a few blocks away. A year ago I was pretty happy with the way things were going.

As I sipped my coffee and wound through the suburban streets, constantly on the lookout for lazy cops with nothing better to do than pull people over for speeding, I realized  that I am very happy today as well. There was a point in my I didn't think this would be possible; stuck in suburban hell with a family that is looking to you to be responsible and hold to your word. I found out How wrong I was as everything began to change around me. The only thing that has stayed the same in the past year is me and even that isn't entirely true. I am a much better version of myself today than I was a year ago. I can still have a nasty disposition and no reservations about telling you exactly what is on my mind (whether you are asking or not) but I have mellowed quite a bit in the process. I laugh more than I used to and it is a good thing.

This may seem like mindless rambling to you (as it kind of does to me) but there is a point here. The point is that no matter what's going on in your life you need to have two things. The first is a game plan. This doesn't have to have all of the answers to every possible question, but rather a general sense of where your headed and a few of the markers along the way.  The second thing you need is the ability to adjust, to be flexible, in order to achieve what you are truly after.  This is not very easy, especially when the things that you are doing feel very counter-intuitive to reaching your goals. Roller derby workouts that are not on skates can feel a little off, as though they are not honing the skills that you need on skates, but this is not the case. Having you body in the best possible shape will always yield the highest results. That said, let's go to work!


5 min warm up
3x 8 Straight leg deadlifts to bicep curls
3x 8 Chest press on stab ball
3x 8 overhead presses
3x 8 inverted rows
2x 10 speed skater jumps (each side)
2x 10 full sit ups
5min cooldown

P.S. You may want to check out this site if you haven't already. Great free info for Derby Girls!

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