30 October, 2012

Insert Cliche Here

Championships is upon us and with that every cliche in the book (not to mention a few that don't even exist yet) will be beaten like a dead horse. Some "clutch " players will be "in the zone" when it all comes "down to the wire". Some players will "psyche themselves out" by letting other skaters "knock them off there game" or will just get "stuck in their own head" and thus never make it out of "the pack".  That won't even begin to cover the cliche abuse but it's a start and, for that matter, the end for me (I hope).

So... to skip right ahead of all of the chatter i have three questions and then a brief workout that will not over stress you (after all it is either tournament time or off-season time depending on how things went for you this year) and then I'm out til next Monday.

1. Who do you think will win this years championships?
2. Who is your favorite skater of all time?
3. Are you doing these workouts and if so for how long have you been doing them?

5 min warm up
3x 10 pushups
3x 10 meters of lunges                                     
3x 10 curl to overhead presses
3x 15 sec planks
2x 10 jackknifes
5 min cooldown

1 comment:

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