26 September, 2010

Oh Captain My Captain

Have you ever known the frustration of being involved in an organization that has begun to lose it's way? This can be one of the most frustrating obstacles that a team must overcome. Often it can be compared to quicksand, as it was quoted in the movie "the Replacements". It begins to feel that things cannot be righted. Very seldom does this all happen at once though, at least not initially. Assuming that you have experienced situations like this, have you ever looked to the coach or captain and blamed them? Let me clear something up before I go forward. It is extremely rare that things going poorly is exclusively one individuals fault. Today I hope to just be real with you about a few things that teams face and what will separate the mediocre to good teams from the best. On one hand everything rises and falls on the leadership of the team. On the other, it is not always the leader with the title that truly carries the sentiment or belief of the rest of the team. Sometimes the captain is truly the heart of the team, the one you can lean on at any moment. This is what an ideal captain or coach should be. The reality of life is sometimes much different from ideal however. I personally believe that a team should function exclusively as a single unit, it's own entity entirely. While I appreciate the need for someone to be in the front, I believe that no one player is more or less important than any other. There is no doubt that the responsibility of a captain is typically vast. Is it anymore than the commitment of every other team member should be? So before I go into anymore mindless rambling, let me get to the point. We are closing in on the point in the year that it is easy to get distracted by things other than your team commitment. This is not alright if you decided that you, as a team, were out to have a phenomenal season. If you are serving you team as a captain, this is the most important time to be gathering your team together. If you are not the captain, now is the time that your commitment, drive and work ethic should be reaching their peak. If things have been slipping within your team, now is the time to have it out and get back on track. This will save you the regret of having to fight each other in the middle of a regional or national game. Make no mistake, the effort you are putting in today will directly affect the results you will see on the scoreboard in your next bout. It is time to dig deep and bring the best you can to your team. Let's get to work!

5 min warm up
3x 20 squat jumps
3x 20 speed skater jumps
3x 20 push ups
3x 20 bent flys
3x 20 overhead press
50 meters lunges
2x 25 crunches of you choosing
2x 20 straight arm twists (each side)
5 min. cool down

Enjoy and sorry for the disjointed thoughts!


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