19 October, 2010

The Rythm of My Heart

After yesterdays post my day went into a direction that would have Lemony Snicket consider his series a vacation. So what the hell. It's Tuesday and I have decided that it is a perfect day to develop an outlook on life. If this is incoherent rambling forgive me but somewhere in here there is a point. How often we look into the past or the future and find frustration. Missed plays,wrong turns, failed alarms, conversations gone awry, balls dropped, fear, anxiety, worry, lack or loss of control, and the rest of the garden variety of mayhem that we can find if we look hard enough. To be honest even as I write this I am realizing that I am staring down the frosted barrel of winters loaded gun and dreading it ahead of time. What does the sum of all of these things really add up to in the end? What does it really matter? Here is my theory and it apparently is a simple one: Get started and don't quit. Leave room for adjustment and stay flexible enough to make them. Laugh the rest off and save your tears for others. They will need them to help them get through. Why so simple? What if it really is that simple? What you have done up to this point has gotten you to this point and for that it held some value. Unfortunately what got you to this point won't get you past this point. Leave you past failures behind as well as the successes. Take forward only the knowledge garnered and the confidence gained. Focus everything else on what is happening now. Eventually it should all add up to one incredible story but as the author you should spend more time writing than reading. Now to tie this together with what it means for your body. At this point we have established a good foundation, improved some strength , and helped our personal aesthetics. The most important thing from here to nationals is the little adjustments. Stretching your muscles, improving your flexibility, and getting you heart ready for another three day tournament is where we are focusing today. Thanks for humoring my rant and here is your workout!

5 min. warm up
20 min of cardio @ moderate to intense level
50 meters of side shuffle jog(each side)
50 meters of karaoke steps(each side)
4x 50 meters long stride jogging
5 min cool down



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