29 October, 2010


Preparation for any moment in life may be the truest key to being able to determine an outcome. It is the one variable to success or failure that we can have complete control of. Keep in mind as we go forward that even with the best preparation there will still be things outside of our control. The factors are mainly what accounts for the outliers that can be found where the unprepared find victory. Getting back to the task at hand though, it is time to start thinking through the mental aspects of the game with the pending national tournament. A few thing that I recommend going over in order to feel your best going into such a big weekend are the hours of work that have already been done. Think about the previous ten months worth of hours on wheels, hits that have been dealt and absorbed, laughter and camaraderie shared between teammates, and the dreams that you as women have built and are getting ready to have come true. The physical work is all but finished as far as preparation is concerned. Now it is about the mentality of executing that for which you have been working so hard at. Most athletes in this type of situation try to find some time to break it all down without a lot of chaos surrounding them. Collegiate and professional teams alike try and stay out of the spotlight as much as possible before big games as not to psych themselves out or get too excited and gas before the appropriate time. If I were in this position I would recommend carrying the mp3 player everywhere I could and shutting the world out as much as is possible. Life is chaotic for most of us but these are not stresses that you need to worry about in the final steps of mental preparation for big moments in your life where you are expected to be at peak performance. Try to find some quiet in your mind and be ready for the ensuing madness that you will unleash!

45-60min. constant paced cardio
4-6 25 meter sprints
5 min cooldown



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