26 October, 2010

Tighten It Up

Enough with the diatribes on life. This is a workout blog and it is time to get back to the real issues at hand. Today's issue, the laziness of your core. I am aware that it is not p.c. to call someone lazy and that core day is tomorrow but there is none here to fire me. So lazy core it is. Here is the deal! the lives that we live currently allow our core muscles to relax and cause tons of problems by not doing there job. One of the biggest problems that a weak core contributes to is a lack of good respiration. Because our abdominal wall is allowed to relax as we slouch at computer screens or wait tables wit no regard to posture, the diaphragm cannot properly contract or relax and we are not able to maximize the capability of our lungs. Anyone who has had some experience with singing can appreciate the difference between abdominal and diaphragm breathing. The best way to remedy this malaise is to consciously squeeze your abs and constantly hold good posture. This alone will help improve both your game and your life immeasurably. That is the focus for today now lets go to work!

5 min. warm up
20 min moderate cardio
4x 50 meter sprints
4x 100 meter sprints
4x 200 meter sprints
2x 25 meter hill sprints
5 min cool down



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