22 December, 2010


5 min warm up
20 min. Interval training (2min. Intense cardio, 3 min. Moderate)
4x 10 floor bridges
4x 30 sec. Plank
5 min. cool down




  1. Question.
    In your opinion, research, and experience, what are the benefits of consuming protein (shake, etc.) after a workout?

  2. The most important meal of your day is the one immediately following your workout. This is when your body is the most receptive to all nutrients because it has been depleted. Protein is a vital part of the recovery process and should be consumed within an hour of exercise. The max amount that most research suggests can be absorbed is around 35 grams, however this is overkill for most people. Somewhere between 17 and 25 grams is the more ideal range for most servings. Protein, to be effective, will need an insulin spike which is why it is coupled with sugar more often than not. If you are looking at shakes, I would recommend one that is relatively balanced with a few carbs and a little fat. This will not only make the protein effective, it will help you feel full rather than like you just drank some water. Hope that helps clarify!