21 December, 2010

Womens Liberation

This one I never thought I would be writing. This past weekend I spent some time in the south. Talk about a world all it's own! There are some very endearing qualities about the south, mainly the food. There are also some less than endearing qualities, things that turned my stomach a bit. Here is the short of it: I had no clue that the news that women have rights, talents, abilities, and the opportunity to express themselves as individuals was not known to everyone! I had conversations with several, more than 25, different women over the weekend and each of them expressed that all they were looking for from life was a husband that would pay their bills, someone to cook for, kids to raise, a house to clean and in return they would give whatever was necessary. The irony of all of this was that each of these women had children already and had been divorced at least once. Let me get to my point before I am lynched by a mob. First of all, I know nothing of being a woman, and admittedly, I may be totally off base. I just strikes me that there is something wrong with this mentality. I am suggesting that rather than take yourself and jump into the mercy, or lack there of, of some man, you may be better served to look at what you have going for you. If a domestic life is what you desire, by all means go and get it. Just do it on your own terms. In case everyone was not quite aware, men and women are not the same. They are, however, EQUALLY individual and thus should pursue what they are capable of in that manner. For most roller girls I know, this is not an issue at all. If you are struggling with this a bit, find some way to express yourself! The rest of the world needs to see what you have inside of you so that we can start to tear down what is left of this stupid mentality of being pigeon holed based on our the fact that you are women. To fight this today, we will work out!

5 min warm up
2x 15 push ups
2x 15 inverted rows
2x 15 sumo squats
2x 15 lateral raises
2x 25 reg crunches
2x 25 reverse crunches
5 min cool down

4-2-1 tempo with 30 sec. rest between sets



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