03 December, 2010

First Friday

In many cities across the country, the first friday of the month is a day devoted to artists and their gallery openings. If you get a chance, brave the cold and go support your local artists. I'm just saying.

5 min warm up
45 minutes moderate cardio
2x 25 meter side lunges (each side)
5 min cool down




  1. Question.
    I've started working out a lot more lately and was wondering how much time (say, days in a week) you need to let your body rest. I went from skating to skating plus cardio and weightlifting almost every day at the gym, and I know I need to rest at some point, but don't want to give myself too much leeway lest I stop going (sometimes I can't be trusted with these things). Thoughts?

  2. Good question. There is no simple answer. It totally depends on the individual. I've done my best to write the workouts in a way that you can go seven days a week if you want to. I definitely recommend at least five days a week of activity. Most people can do seven days of cardio and still be getting optimal results. The best thing to do is to your body and give it a break when its ready. just dont give it enough time to fall out of the good habits you have developed. I hope that helps clear it up a little!

  3. That definitely helps. I'd like to be at 7 days a week (which is where I am now). As far as lifting goes, I don't know what's optimal. I'm making a lot of progress with it, but I don't want to end up burning out. I guess I just need to come up with a better structure. Thanks!