28 December, 2010

Just Move

With the new year a few days away and practices beginning for many of you very shortly there after, we are going to mix it up a little bit today. I don't really care what you decide to do today as long as it involves moving around for an entire hour. I would like to know what you can come up with as far as either fun or productivity. The rule is this: your heart rate should be raised and you should break a sweat. However you spend your time, it should be for a minimum of 60min. Feel free to comment any ideas and have a great day!


P.S. The freshmeat blog at www.lipstickkisses.wordpress.com is interesting and should be checked out! The mind of a new girl at it's finest.

1 comment:

  1. What I did today:

    35 minutes on the elliptical
    2x20 normal crunches
    2x20 bicycle crunches
    3 sets bicep curls (1st set 20 each side, 2nd set 15, 3rd set 10)
    3x15 leg extentions @ 60lbs.
    3x15 lat pull-downs @ 60lbs.
    2-mile run
    Cool down (walk)

    Typically my workouts have more of a weight and resistance circuit to them, but I've been needing more cardio and my left knee can finally handle running, so I'm trying to work back into that.