15 December, 2010

Put Me In Coach

I had the pleasure last night of spending some time with a group of division 1 college coaches in a relaxed setting. Sitting around and talking with these people about the incredible wins, the heartbreaking losses, and the players they have enjoyed spending time with gave me an interesting perspective. I have spent time as an athlete under some awesome coaches and some that were a little less than stellar. I have also been a coach in a variety of different arenas and generally enjoyed it alot. This, however, was the first time I have had the opportunity to sit on this type of gathering where competition was for the most part set aside and the purity of sport discussed. No media, no alum, no athletic director, not really anyone to try to impress. Big personalities with egos set aside; a rather humble group over all. Inevitably it comes back to he good old days. The days when rather than clipboards they carried their skill, ambition, drive, desire to compete and win. Most of them were players at a reasonably elite level before exchanging their jerseys for clipboards, going from running the plays to writing them. Every single one wished that they had the opportunity to compete as a player again. Don't get me wrong, each seemed to still thrive as a coach ,and by their records, are doing a good job. A wild experience to be sure. All of this is to say that most of you are able to do what so many of us wish we could continue to do. We envy your ability to compete, to share a camaraderie that can only take place between teammates, to live in the world of the game again. Treasure it. For that matter, don't give it up until your body simply will not go any further. Brett Favre, for all of the things that have surrounded him as of late, seems to be right at that spot and that much i have to appreciate. Now with that said, let's get to work!

5 min warm up
3x 15 chest press
3x 15 overhead press
3x 15 back fly
3x 15 ball squats
2x 25 oblique crunches(each side)
5 min cool down

30 sec. rest between sets
4-2-1 tempo



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