06 January, 2011

Vital Info

If you are just beginning your journey in fitness or if you are simply taking it to the next step, Keep in mind that your body, in addition to good calories, needs lots of vitamins to recover and become more healthy. One of the most common things that knocks people of their new years resolutions or fresh regimens is illness. This happens most often because your body is depleted of the necessary vitamins that keep your immune system intact. It can be frustrating as HELL (this is current experience talking) and it can happen to the best of us. Admittedly I am not a huge proponent of unnecessary supplementation, however, a good multi-vitamin is a must for proper health. The truth is that it is nearly impossible to eat enough vitamin rich food in your diet, especially when you are depleting your body with exercise. Advice for finding a good multi vitamin is don't start at wal mart. As vitamins go you will get what you pay for. I would also look for a vitamin that has phyto-nutrients as this will generally mean that it will be better for your overall health in that it has been derived from a natural source rather than synthesized. Now on to the workout!

5 min. warm up
3x 10 wide grip push ups
15 dive bombs
3x 10 overhead presses
3x 10 45degree angle squat thrusts(burpees)
3x 10 box jumps
3x 10 bent flys
2x 25 med ball twist crunches
2x 25 jackknife
2x 25 crunches with legs flat on ground
5 min. cool down

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