19 February, 2011

It's The Weekend

5 min warm up
10 min Jump rope intervals (2 min. jumping, 30 sec. rest)
30 speed skaters
3x 10 squatthrusts (burpees)
4x 100 meter sprints
4x 200 meter sprints
4x 10 leg lifts
2x 25 neg. crunches
5 min cool down

With another long week on the books, it's time to relax a little bit. Of course by relax I mean just work hard in a different way and then find whatever ridiculousness you possibly can. In all seriousness, sometimes you need to take a second to breathe in order to keep your sanity. For me this can mean just about anything. One thing that jumps to mind for me is golfing. This seems funny even as I type it. I took up the game last year and have been kind of hooked ever since. Before I get thrown into the kook column, let me explain. I have never been one to dress funny and drive a little cart around to hang out with my buddies while talking about whatever it is that your supposed to talk about. I am a little repulsed by the idea of a country club lifestyle in general but I have to say, it is great for a laugh. This is why I do love golf. It is a game/ sport that I can be absolutely awful at, which I am, and not give a damn. I can hit something as hard as I can and then go chase it and hit it again. If I ever have a ball that goes where I aim, I can just enjoy it without the pressure of having to follow it up with another stunning shot. This doesn't even touch on the people you see while out on the course. There are guys out there who take this thing very seriously. I remember watching a guy throw each and every club he owned into the lake after a shot That would have rivaled my best ever. He literally walked right off the course cursing up a storm and left his cart where it sat. Once I got off the ground from laughing so hard it hurt, I stole the cart and attempted to jump a sand trap. The thoughts that went through my head as it rolled onto it's side was that whoever designed these vehicles should have spent a little more time thinking about off-roading and a little less time polishing the tassels on his shoes. Maybe this isn't your thing but I strongly recommend you find some sort of release or outlet that let's you just do whatever you want. Maybe this is why derby is as great as it is. Keep up the good work!


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