20 February, 2011


5 min warm up
3x 8 push ups
3x 10 single arm chest presses
3x 8 lateral raises
3x 10 overhead presses
3x 8 single arm rows
3x10 back flys
3x8 single leg squats
3x 10 lunges (each leg)
2x plank to failure
5 min cool down

Tempo is 2-0-2, 30 sec. rest between sets, lifts won't change much this week as we get ready to move to the next phase of training.

To the women of KCRW that I missed yesterday morning, I am sorry. I had an emergency take place and was unable to get ahold of someone. I hate having things like this go on, not because it makes people mad so much as disappoints. Anger is something I can deal with easily. Disappointment on the other hand is a bastard. I remember being a kid and having my parents tell me how disappointed they were rather than how angry they were when I had done something wrong. It is the whole idea of defaulting on a commitment. As athletes, we have committed to our sport, our team, and ourselves to do the absolute best we can. I remember losses that didn't sting because we all had played our best. I also remember wins that were disgusting to live through because we as a team had sacrificed our commitment to each other and to excellence. The only advice I can offer here is that you try your best not to break commitments that you make to yourself or your teammates. Apologizing is never fun for the record and neither is the guilt when it is rightfully yours.



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