21 February, 2011

Running Up That Hill

5 min warm up
3 mile light jog
4x 25 meter hill sprints
2x 50 meter hill sprints
1x 100 meter hill sprint
2x 25 old school sit ups
2x 25 jackknifes
5 min cool down

I hate running as much as the next and the temperature has dropped from 60 to 20 overnight. I'm going outside anyway. I wish we could stay inside. We can't. We have to move forward, progressing to the top of our potential. Anything short of this will be just another excuse. Excuses are easy to fall into and will eventually imprison us in mediocrity. Their is always pain involved, my knees are aching just thinking about this workout. Here is the encouraging part. This is not the hardest we are going to work. There will be more difficult days. Today is just another notch in the bedpost, punching the clock toward greatness. Why so direct today. The answer is simple. I have realized that I am not pursuing my day at the level of achievement that I desire. This is, I believe, a direct correlation to the fact that I have become a little lazy when it comes my daily habits. I do not wish to take this out on you as readers, I have always tried my best not let emotions affect working out unless for the positive results. This is simply what I would expect a coach to say to me if he saw the level that I was playing at. This is what I would want a captain or a leader to say to me, to be honest and direct and give me the beginnings of some tangible solutions. This is the beginning of a lot of very good tangible solutions and because our work is physical, we will be able to feel it immediately and see it shortly there after. That said, let's get to work.


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