17 February, 2011

There's No I In Team

5 min warm up
20 min interval training(3 min jog, 2 moderate run)
4x 30 sec. planks
4x 3o sec. V sits
2x 25 neg. crunches
15 min cool down

I just finished a book that talked about stories and it has me with a few thoughts. First of all, it was strange to read a book that dealt with the subject matter of a story. It was kind of like watching Seinfeld, a show about trying to make a show. Secondly, it pointed out some of the things that make good stories and what separates them from being great stories. The things that make an epic story are different from any other kind of story in that they involve what seem to be insurmountable odds as well as a person or a group of people that are attempting to achieve something that benefits more than just themselves. There is sacrifice to be made and a reward for all humanity in the end. To me, this is the essence of what every team should be made up of. Maybe it's a stretch to think that there could be epic type outcomes from something as simple as a sport but then again maybe not. If we look outside of the sport itself, focusing on what it means to all those in contact with it, we may be surprised. Consider the Olympics for a moment. These games were used to settle conflict at times rather than to go to war. They also brought times of peace, if only temporarily, where countries would call a truce in order to complete these competitions. As an athlete, you may consider what you are really playing for. In baseball, Jackie Robinson was more than just the Brooklyn Dodgers first baseman. He was an instrumental player in the desegregation of both Major League Baseball an the United States. To have the courage to take the field amidst the booing crowds and racism from his teammates and still work hard to help them win blows my mind. What about Roller Derby? While there may not be a truce called to any war so that a bout can take place, I still believe that some things can be just as important. I look at it as an opportunity for women to do something for themselves and not be told that they are not good enough or interesting enough to watch by the good old boys club. I see it as an opportunity to show common love to something that brings athletes together no matter what their race, color, creed,political views, religion, or sexual preference. I believe that this extends to the fans as well, giving anyone a place to feel accepted for being different from each other but united by a love of the game and the women that play it. Keep this in mind the next time that you are offended by another player(or the ref though they may deserve it) and want nothing more than to kill them. Enjoy the opportunity you have to be a part of a team that is standing for more than the final score at the next bout. I guess I could be totally off here but I'm just saying!



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