21 March, 2011

Bring It On!

10 min warm up
4x 6 Burpee Push ups
4x 25 meter lunges
4x 6 squat to overhead press
4x 6 pull ups (lat pulls if you can't do pull ups)
4x 90 sec planks
5 min cool down

This is the last week for our power phase. after this there will be a much more well rounded daily workout, focusing on different phases of movement with each exercise. For the time being, let's hit it with everything we have. I can appreciate if this doesn't sound like much fun. To be honest I don't want to do this right now either. It is not about what we want to do right now, but rather what we have for desired results/goals from this point forward that's important. My focus right now is on getting back into the routine of self discipline, learning and perfecting the chops if you will. The business of being busy has gotten in my head and left me feeling a little out of touch with reality as well as wreaking havoc on my schedule as I am exhausted beyond belief. This happens to all of us at some point but the important thing to remember is that this is merely circumstance that we need to over come. Before I start sounding like a successories poster I will leave my playlist and call it. Have a great Monday!


Whose Authority- Nada Surf
I Believe In A Thing Called Love- The Darkness
A New England- Billy Bragg
My Coco- Stellastarr*
Leaving Town- Dexter Freebish
Take'Em Down- The Dropkick Murphy's
Disconnected- Face To Face
Golden Years- David Bowie
Ghetto Symphony- Snoop Dogg Feat. No Limit
Where Do I Begin- The Chemical Brothers
My Body- Young The Giant
Karma Police- Radiohead

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