22 March, 2011

Strange Condition

5 min warm up
60 min consistent cardio at a moderate to fast pace
2x 25 reg. crunches
2x 25 neg. crunches
2x 25 jackknifes
5 min cool down

There seems to be some sort of irony for most of us that take competition seriously, whatever our game may be. It seems to center around our lackadaisical approach to being injured versus our burning desire to continue competing, no matter what the cost. What is it that allows us to move forward with bullheaded stubbornness no matter what price in pain we may pay. For me personally, I have boiled this down to a hatred of physicians. I have never had a conversation with a doctor having to do with their vocation or my health that has gone well. As a matter of fact, I oft times have gone well out of my way to do quite the opposite of what my specialist has recommended. If this were a coach rather than a blow hard with more letters behind his name than should ever be necessary or the superiority complex that comes with the practicing of medicine, I would probably listen just fine. Put a lab coat on and come at me with a stethoscope and I will promise we will have problems. Most of my distaste for the medical profession is the fact that any experience I have had with them, they are constantly delivering bad news. My own competitive spirit does not accept bad news very well and with that the line is drawn in the sand. The guy I see now has all but given up on civilized conversation or protocol medical advice. I can't really blame him as every time we have had contact it has turned into a pissing match of negotiation. The last one was over a concussion, him reading off his standard of care and me wanting bare brass tacks. Two weeks off? what are the chances I die if I only take 2 hours off?

This seems to be consistent with roller girls as I have never seen one take the "full time off" to recover from an injury. If this applies to you I have a few thoughts. A little more sleep than usual should let your body heal just fin. Ice is the best drug I've ever seen and I'm not talking about the illicit type. Anything that doesn't kill you, you can play through. Finally, If you are going to complain about an injury or make excuses for your performance because of it, I can think of three places for you; The bench, the other team, or the fucking doctors office! I'm just saying.



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