07 March, 2011

Monday, Monday

10 min warm up
4x 6 single arm chest press on stab ball
4x 6 squat into tuck jump
4x 6 inverted rows
4x 6 100 meter sprints
2x 25 crunches
2x 25 negative crunches
10 min cool down

tempo is still @ 1-1-1, 45-60 sec rest between sets, warm up and stretch are key to this workout, don't skip them.

New week and it's go time. I'm waking up slow and laughing at people in a coffee shop. 32 flavors by Ani DiFranco is the soundtrack for this morning, some how a fitting choice. Great irony as I see a world of business people race around in polo's and khakis trying to be on time. A few old men are sitting in the corner and talking politics and gas prices. Descending Angel by the Misfits comes on and I check my email. I find it funny to think about the word misfits. It applies to almost everyone I know including myself. The part that doesn't make sense seems to be that, if everyone I know is a misfit, who fits? Is it possible that there is a group of people that are all exactly the same that I just haven't met yet? I doubt this is very likely. Roller Derby is kind of like this, a band of misfits really. My favorite part about the sport is that no matter how bizarre someone may be, they kind of fit together in this mash up of skates and blocks, warm ups and after parties. Some of the most interesting, strong, independent women in the world who are strangely vulnerable at the same time. Talk about two misfit qualities that seem in perfect balance with these ladies. I gotta say I love you and respect you as a collective whole for the way you play. Have a great Monday and get some good work done!



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