13 March, 2011


5 min warm up
4x 8 burpee push ups
4x 25 meter lunges
4x 8 overhead presses
4x 8 inverted rows
2x 50 regular crunches(fast and small motions)
5 min cool down

It seems a strange thing to consider given the history of the sport and it's popular connotations, but roller derby is not as unique as it may appear. It's women certainly are but as a sport, I believe that many of the same elements are universal here and in every other form of competition. One thought that stands above the rest in my mind is professionalism. Before I proceed, let me explain that I understand there are many different reasons for playing Roll Derby and I am not down playing or saying that any motivation is wrong. There is a difference between being an amateur player and a professional player and it has very little to do with receiving a paycheck. Amateurs play a sport because it is sheik, because it is social, because it is a distraction from the rest of there, a release of some sort. Professionals, on the other hand, play because they need to, because everything else in life is a distraction from there true passion, because competition and success are what drives them. The word amateur comes from a latin word meaning "to love". I believe that, in the words of Patti Smith and Don Henley, "Sometimes love just ain't enough". Professionals love the sport enough to take it to the next level, to commit to it in a way that they pursue it more than just by standing on the sideline or showing up to a practice hear or there. In general, professionals play for keeps instead of just for fun.

I remember leaving soccer. I remember missing it, knowing I would not return. I haven't put on cleats since and have no intention to. My reason is simple. I love the game and respect it too much for what it gave me than to go back and half-ass my way down a field. I just don't have it in me. To be honest with you, this is the first time I have been able to put that sentiment to words and it makes total sense. When you really love something you are willing to commit what is necessary to give it its due. Let me finish by saying again, no matter what your motivation for playing, you should enjoy this sport. There is nothing wrong with being a professional or an amateur, so long as you understand which you wish to be and act accordingly. The alternative is as difficult as hell!



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