11 March, 2011


Cardio today

5 min warm up
60 min consistent paced cardio
4x 45 sec. planks
5 min. cool down

The week has finished out like the inner workings of the mind of a sleep deprived madman. There's a picture for you. Why go with cardio today? At this point in the season it is important to build up the necessary endurance for tournament season, which is right around the corner. This week in sports has gone a long way towards proving that point with tournament time in college basketball being played out for all of us. I am not sure how many games have been decided by a three point margin or less this year in conference play but it has been a lot, many going into overtime. The point is that at some point talent will not substitute for conditioning, preparation, perseverance, and work ethic. These are things to get under control early in a season, as they take time to develop and ultimately perfect. Long story short, get your cardio done. Below is my tracklist for today in case you want to listen to the same thing. Kinda weird, right?

The Naked and Famous- Young Blood
Mickey Avalon- Jane Fonda
The Darkness- I Believe in a Thing Called Love
The Rolling Stones- Not Fade Away
Sugarcult- Bouncing Off The Walls
Citizen Cope- Penitentiary
Flatfoot 56- Son of Shame
Onelinedrawing- Bitte Ein Kuss
Frightened Rabbit- Things
The Grateful Dead- Friend of the Devil
Groove Armada- Hands of Time
Just Jack- Writers Block
Marvelous 3- Freak of the Week
Onlinedrawing- Jul00



1 comment:

  1. Not weird. So many workout playlists are contrived to be the most high-energy songs out of any one person's musical catalog. If you do that all of the time, all of your high-intensity music drops in intensity, which sucks both for your music and your workout. You start knowing what to expect and the intensity in the music no longer affects the intensity of your activity - bummer.

    Plus, I know I get bored sometimes (especially on cardio days), so whatever I listen to has to be mentally stimulating to some effect.