08 April, 2011


5 min warm up
4-2-1 tempo
2x 20 stab. ball chest presses
2x 20 bent over back flys
2x 20 front raises
2x 20 meters lunges

2-0-2 tempo
3x 12 wood chops
3x 12 single leg squats

1-0-1 tempo
4x 30 tricep dips
4x 10 speed skaters
2x 25 meters karaoke steps
5 min cool down

I am officially sick of watching any sort of news whatsoever. Whether the topic is; be it politics, disaster, destruction(both synonyms for politics) or any other fear driving half truth from any color of the spectrum, I have had enough. It struck me yesterday that watching any of this blathering is actually lowering my natural intelligence. In the news, a reporter was carrying on about the airplane that broke in the middle of a flight the other day. He kept asking "Do we need more regulations?" and "Is it safe to fly?". These questions, I personally feel, are both arrogant and ignorant. First off, any attempt to break the hold that gravity has on us as humans comes with it's risks. Doing this 36,000 feet in the air has greater risks than 36 inches, but what of value doesn't take risk? The other thing that bothers me is the idea that if we simply restrict or regulate something, we can control it and thereby take the danger out . Again I believe this thought to be crazy. Danger exists in flight, on the track skating, in the shower, and as we sleep (if you roll over and fall out). Facing it makes life worth living and exhilarating. Avoiding it makes people paranoid and allows for even more fear to take over. One of my favorite memories with the girls was a flat tire. in the middle of the night, on a dark highway in the middle of nowhere. I was concerned about how to get these women home safely with no effective spare. They, on the other hand, were only concerned with watching for oncoming cars so they could stop turning cartwheels in the middle of the highway long enough not to get hit by oncoming traffic. After a few minutes I resigned to their way of thinking and trust me it was way more fun. So I say fuck it. Throw a little caution to the wind and do something dangerous. It's easy to find if you look a little.



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