09 April, 2011


Today is all about getting out and moving around. Weather aside, I suggest being outside and doing something you enjoy, whether that is bike riding, break dancing, running, swimming, surfing (not in the no coast region), or just walking in the park. Get your heart rate up and keep it there for about an hour and I promise you will be happier when your done. By the way, happy is good. I am a big fan of smiles specifically. My favorites are the crooked ones, the type of smile that leaves you wondering what is actually going on in someones head. Here is the funny thing about smiles; they are an appropriate reaction to any situation. Just found out how amazing you are? Smile. Just found out your dog died? Smile and remember it fondly. Just found out that the person you just met is as awesome as you are? Smile big! Some crazy broad is gunning for you from across the track? Smile as though you are saying "Fucking Bring It!". Whatever the situation find something to smile about and I will guarantee life will go better than you could even expect.



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