07 April, 2011

No Turning Back

5 min warm up
4x 400 meters @ 120 sec. pace
30 min moderate cardio movement
2x 25 jackknifes
2x 25 single leg bridges
5 min cool down

So yesterday I was thinking about a lot of different things but specifically what it is that separates good from great. I am talking a little philosophically today so if your not interested in the thoughts of a man who lives in athletic shorts and encourages people to repeatedly lift heavy objects only to place them right back where they started, I will understand if you don't continue reading. Most people, I believe would say that they live a reasonably good life. Most people are probably rather content in their niches that they have carved out for themselves. Then there are the rest of us. We are the people for whom good is not good enough. We seek extraordinary. if you are happy with where your at, let me encourage you to stay happy. I am not suggesting that we should all create unreasonable expectations for ourselves or more drama just to fill the mundane times. I am suggesting that there is a separation between being good at something and being great. I believe to be great at something you have to step a little farther out than that which is comfortable for you. Let me put it this way. To achieve greatness you must overcome obstacles, many of which are dangerous. Without the obstacles there is no need for courage, persistence, or perseverance. Without difficulty there is no need for resolution. Yesterday I had two clients, both similar in age and ability, both recovering from injuries over the past year. These were two very different people however. One has progressed incredibly well, better than he should have, even though he was a little slow to start. The other saw nearly instant success, has gotten comfortable and out of good habits, and has chosen to settle in right where he is at. The first is always up for a challenge and will attempt anything I can throw at him. The second is full of excuses and will tell me that he won't do many of the exercises that I ask of him because they make him feel uncomfortable. My point with all of this is that in order to get the most out of any area of life you cannot afford to turn back and stay where you are comfortable. It is more necessary to be challenged after you are seeing success than it was before. I believe this concept applies to teams, individuals, relationships, careers, and certainly your physical body. I strongly recommend that you decide what you want and go get it. If this is not your plan than please do not get a personal trainer. I only say that because the most frustrating part of my job is seeing what someone can be, the life they could lead and the body they could lead it in, and finding out that they simply don't want it enough to actually pursue it, damning the consequences. It is hard to want something for someone more than they want it for themselves and quite frankly exhausting. That and I really hate being told no. I'm just saying!



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