26 April, 2011

So Here's The Deal

This past weekend was something else. First off, Nashville was an incredibly hospitable host for the KC girls. Thank you Music City! Yesterday was back to work with some strength training and today is cardio, but for anyone who is recovering from some sort of injury, take the day off. I am talking about a legitimate pull/sprain/worse, not just some sore muscles. It struck me this weekend that not only are roller girls athletes, they are real people as well. This sounds funny to say but in my whole career as an athlete I never felt like, or was treated like, a real person. Most athletes who are playing at the very top of their sport don't have to. Roller derby is not the same at all. The women whom I was with were athletes, good ones at that, but they were also women who have jobs and lives and responsibilities to families who count on them. There were no agents, no security guards, no extreme preferential treatment, or entourages to deal with. These were just real people who happen to excel in more than one area of their life competing against each other. I loved seeing my girls get stopped on the street or recognized at a restaurant(hard to miss everyone who is dressed the same. I'm just saying) and asked for a picture or congratulated on playing a great game(which they all did). These are the types of athletes that I would love to see more of rather than a bunch of bitchy prima donnas like myself and the people I played with. Ladies, I had an absolute blast and I am very proud of you!

Have a great day!


P.S. If you are not injured 45 min of cardio at a moderate, consistent speed is the plan for today!

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