27 May, 2011

The Twist

Much to my surprise, I took a hit from a roller girl as I was watching a game Saturday evening. I must admit that there was quite a bit more velocity behind the impact than I expected and it has left a cute little bruise tattooed onto my thigh. Not to minimize this at all, the hit could have been a lot more devastating, specifically from my position. I was lucky enough to be almost square at impact and absorbed most of the force with little issue. Most of you as athletes do not share in the luxury of my situation however. When you are trading blows with each other, many times at top speed, it is almost always at an awkward angle because the track is an ellipse. This causes many of the hits that your body takes to be in some manner of twisting motion or properly called, the transverse plane. The transverse plane of motion is basically any twisting motion that your body can move through. much different from the transcendental plane where according to one of my clients you can speak with aliens. Twisting motions are very likely to be a source of injury if your body is not properly conditioned for them and in traditional training techniques ( most of the meat heads workouts) generally not addressed. Today is dedicated to these motions and reducing roller girl injuries.



5 min warm up
3x 10 straight arm twist
3x 10 single leg squats
3x 10 speed skaters( each side)
3x 10 single arm stab ball chest presses
3x 10 overhead presses with rotation ( start like you are covering your ears, finish like you are high fiving)
4x 15 quadruped (each side0
2x 25 bicycle crunches
5 min cool down

Notes: specific tempo is not important today but all motions should be controlled and fluid. Rest between sets should be no more than 30 sec.

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