23 June, 2011

Self Improvement

I'm all for getting better and doing the things that it takes to get there, however I am not much for self help manuals or the people that push them. I find life to be much more of a story, an adventure really, than a checklist. Today's workout is about punching the clock, getting stronger, and trying to ignore the cliches that surround you in the gym. Here's to making it happen!


5 min. warm up
4-2-1 tempo
5x 5 push up with rotation
5x 5 front raise
5x 5 bent row
5x 5 single leg squat jumps (each leg)

2-0-2 tempo
2x 10 ball crunches
2x 10 negative crunches
2x 25 straight arm twists
2x 10 stab. ball bridges
5 min cool down

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