28 July, 2011


I have hinted at this a few times before but have never come right out and put it all together. I have a theory, a belief more accurately, that we each have a certain kind of authenticity and when we live within that framework, we are at our best. In this belief I am far from original, but nonetheless it is what I believe. You hear thoughts along this line referenced constantly, especially in the sports world. The connotations of being "a half step off", "hitting their stride", or many other overused cliches all reference that there is a natural path that will serve an athlete best. Now while most of my thoughts have more everyday application on the concept of living authentically, one or two come to mind that are derby specific. First off, I think that every skater, especially jammers, have their own authentic skating style that includes the length of their stride, the way that they crossover, and especially the way they stop. The reason I mention this is that it is very easy to get caught up in other peoples styles, especially people who are we look up to. This is just my advice, but skate the way that works best for you, the way that your body feels at it's top, and don't concern yourself with emulating anyone else. Secondly, and probably more importantly, I believe that there is a rhythm by which a team works best and to be the best skaters you ca as individuals, you must find that rhythm as a team. I say this because there is no energy that does not also carry with it a rhythm, a wavelength that makes it travel most effectively through both time and space. This is the way that a skater should feel when they are locked into the tempo of the game with a team that is in perfect harmony, like everything they do is effortless as if in slow motion. You here people talk about this state as being in "the zone" or the space where everything is in clearer focus than you thought possible. I remember playing soccer with guys who, when they shot the ball, would pick a single hole in the net to aim at and let the ball rip. More often than not they would hit it too. How they did that from twenty two yards out through a maze of bodies is still beyond me but they did and it worked. I struggled hitting the ball, never mind the net. I digress. The point is that if you as skaters go out and remember why you skate, the way that it feels when you are skating in your authentic style, and look for the perfect line to appear in front of you I am willing to bet that it will. Not to mention that it will be amazing for both you and the rest of us. Now let's get to work!

5 min warm up
30 min moderate cardio
4x 100 meter sprints
4x 50 meters skipping for height
4x 100 meters skipping for distance
2x 25 meters frog hops for distance
4x 15 floor bridges
4x 15 side swishes (each side)
5 min cool down



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