26 July, 2011

A Dogs Life

Truth be told, I really hate running, especially running for the sake of running. I am of the opinion that running marathons is for the birds. The first guy to run one was in a war and he died so why should we continue the tradition? In hopes that we may expire as well? I have run several marathons and I have to tell you the only thing that you are at the end is tired. No sense of accomplishment at the finish line. That happens three days later as you are recovering, followed quickly by more thoughts of what the hell was I thinking? The only problem with my outlook is that I have a dog that believes exactly the opposite as me. She is of the opinion that running is the only way to do things and everything should be done now. Sometimes I will fight her but then I realize that it looks a lot less silly running after a dog rater than negotiating with one and persuading her that running is not the best option. She doesn't care if it is a hundred degrees or not, she is going to run and it will probably take her at least 5 miles to stop. Unless she has to pee, of course, and then she will stop anywhere. So in the nature of making my dog happy, today we will be running!

5 min warm up
20 moderate cardio
4x 100 meter sprints
4x 30 sec. planks
2x 25 neg crunches
5 min cooldown



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