12 July, 2011


So last night I was out with a friend who is much younger than I am. I must admit, for her age she has a really good handle on who she is and for that matter is rather incredible. At her age I was a moron. Truth be told, most days I am still a moron but at least I understand that now. My point is that over time and with experience I have grown and come to know myself, both the good and bad traits that I possess. The same things apply as we look at our fitness levels and the way that we approach competition. At some point along the way winning, and just winning, is no longer the end all be all. Winning in a style that we want becomes more relevant. Winning with composure, panache, and as a team becomes more important for us than our individual stats. It's the funny thing about a team. More often than not a team cannot grow without spectacular individual performance but a player cannot mature fully unless they are amongst a rock solid team. This is what makes a great team, and what makes playing for one worth it whether you get to be the star or ride the pine. Just a few thoughts for you as you knock out some cardio!

5 min. warm up
45 min moderate paced cardio
4x 30 sec. planks
2x 25 floor bridges
5 min cool down



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