08 July, 2011

Mind Blown

Do you ever wake up and realize that you are not normal?I don't mean maybe a little off. I am talking about the kind of abnormal that requires more than a little off. For me that is every morning. Before I go any further, let me just say that this is not going to be another ego driven bout of arrogance that I can tend to pull off so well. Take yesterday for example. I woke up, got mostly ready, and rode down the elevator with a man in a cowboy hat and an Ed Hardy t-shirt who happens to run a gay prostitution ring 3 floors above my apartment. Just another day in the life. I grabbed a cup of coffee, of course, and headed into the gym ready for a day of training. My first client this morning is cartoon like in nature with a lip that would make Fat Albert look like a runway model. All he wanted to talk about was his smoking hot new love interest, a tuba player/ Buddhist bartender who is considering taking up rugby. My next client is an Ivy League genius with a touch of asperger's syndrome who is hell bent on terrorizing the HOA that he is the president of with new rules about parking spaces. After five minutes my simple mind is lost in words that have more than three syllables and ill timed laughter. The rest of the day is rounded out with a brilliant entrepreneur, an Asian dental student, and a man with cerebral palsy doing lunges. All three of these work there asses off and are an absolute pleasure to deal with. By evening I have spent more hours in conversation of the random garden assortment than I can truly even contemplate. The bright spot is a few of my favorite roller girls who are more than building some sweat equity and rising to every challenge that I can lay before them. Thank God because I may lose it otherwise. After 13 hours in the gym I swing by a local joint to grab some food and listen to some live music. My friend is at the piano and the conversation is always the same. Discussions of the randomness of the week and how lame we can be when it comes to actual life. I drive home only to find that there is a fight going on in the street between a feisty Italian woman and a young couple whom she nearly rear ended. Not wanting to deal with any further incident, I distract the young woman and allow the couple enough breathing room to bolt into there car and away from the would be brawl. The woman slurs something that on a more sober night may have been English for her and then asks if I would mind parking her car. I oblige and help her to her apartment before taking the stairs to my own. This is the point that it hits me again. My life is an adventure, one with a more interesting cast of extraordinary people than any movie could ever hope to top. Many of my friends would call this the strangest day of their lives but for me it is just a Thursday and I'm thrilled to death about it. If you were waiting for a point to any of this there isn't one other than I count myself blessed to be anything but normal. Here is Fridays workout!

5 min warm up
4-2-1 tempo
4x 6 push up with rotation
4x 6 lunge to overhead press
4x 6 bent flys
4x 6 frog hops for distance

1-0-1 tempo
2x 30 sec. single leg plank (each side)
2x 25 negative crunches
2x 25 side swishes
2x 25 butterfly crunches
30 sec V-sit
5 min cool down


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