05 July, 2011


This is not what I planned on writing today. The plan was to go into all of the benefits of the new setup for the workout, and though they are numerous, I am going a different direction. There is a funny thing that I have discovered and put as simply as I can, many times the words write you rather than you writing words. Today this is what's writing me. For whatever reason this year has been a crazy one for me and many of the people that I care about. The one thing that has been clear is that change is going to happen for all of us no matter how we feel about it and often on the universes schedule rather than our own. My best guess is that the difference is in how we handle changes, good and bad alike. My favorite way to handle anything, no matter what it may be, is with swagger. Now I should mention that I can be an arrogant bastard, but I am not talking about arrogance. I am talking about that look in your eye where you and everyone else in the room is fully aware of just how fucking awesome you are. The type of swagger that needs no introduction, no words or definition. I am talking about the type of swagger that I have seen in so many women that I have had the pleasure of working with. Take a friend of mine for example. About a year ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her response? She scheduled a break in her treatments so that she could complete a marathon and then took up racing boats in Biscayne bay. The best part is hearing her talk about it though. She didn't want to be the girl who was sick and she was not about to be defined by the "C" word. The girls got swagger and I love it. She is just one example of the people I keep close to me and they all have one thing in common. Everyone that spends a few minutes with them understands just how fucking amazing they are without them having to utter a word. I am trying to be a little more humble, more like these juggernauts of cool that I am blessed to live my life beside. That said, lets get to work!

5 min warm up
4x 10 burpees
2x 2min. of jumping rope
4x 10 jumping jacks
30 min moderate cardio (65-70%)
2x 25 negative crunches
2x 10 single leg floor bridges
5 min cool down



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