23 August, 2011

It's All In The Hips

The classic line from the movie "Happy Gilmore" pretty well sums up what most of us as athletes forget all too often. It is all in the hips! This is especially true of a sport like roller derby where you are unable to use your hands, arms, elbows, or even trip people with your feet. Not to be completely cliche but your hips don't lie. This is true because all movements begin in the core and the hips are where the most complex of the core muscles originate and insert. Two points here: if you can control someones hips you can control the rest of them and if you strengthen your core around your hips you will be a better athlete. Now let's go to work!


5 min warmup
2x 10 pushups
2x 20 chest passes with med ball (or any ball for that matter)
2x 10 overhead presses
2x 20 kettle bell swings (a gallon of milk will work just fine here)
2x 10 step ups (each leg)
2x 20 rockstar jumps
2x 10 inverted rows
2x 20 soccer throws
4x 30 sec floor bridges
2x 25 hip ups
5 min cooldown

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