02 November, 2011

Cutting The Strings

Today I am going to change things up a bit and deals in vague specifics. What the fuck does that mean? Watch this. One of the most difficult parts of joining a team is finding your place on it. For some people this is easier than others due to their brilliant personalities or super human athletic ability. Then there is the rest of us, the blue collar grunts of a team that have to work for every inch of progress we make and even then make it look like it may have happened by accident. This is the type of player that is probably most likely to see great results given the time to bust their asses long enough to earn them. The trouble is that inside of a team chemistry there is often little room for perceived error and, lets face it, teammates can be hell to deal with. I remember being hazed into teams fondly now but at the time it was miserable. I also remember putting new players through more than their share, not as retribution so much as out of desire to have only the strongest stand at my side when the whistle blew. I will make two points here. First, if you are playing for a team that does not force you to earn there respect (within reason), then you may want to find a different one. winning never came by welcoming someone so warmly into a team for effort they didn't put forth. Secondly, make sure you have an idea of what kind of player you want to be and go be it. You may have people that you want to emulate or mentors even who will take you under their wing, but at some point you have to develop as a player on your own. Specifically if you have a mentor who is bringing you along, you have to cut the strings and stand on your own or you will tangle up an entire team. In short, don't be afraid to put your own twist on the game, especially for the new players to the game!



5 min warm up
3x 8 dive bomb push ups
25 meters skipping for height
25 meters skipping for distance
3x 8 step up to overhead press
3x 8 inverted rows
3x 8 jump squats
25 min moderate to fast paced run
4x 30 sec planks
2x 25 side swishies
2x 25 neg crunches
5 min cooldown

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