09 November, 2011


With a national champion soon to be crowned I will no doubt seem like a buzzkill of epic proportion but to hell with perception. The simple fact of the matter is that every team in the world save one will be frustrated in their pursuit of a national title. Some of you are already experiencing this. Each day it is part of my job to help people overcome their frustrations, whether they be physical, professional, mental, emotional, relational, or occasionally athletic (not really what you thought a personal trainer was there for is it?). I deal with people who have been injured and people who have been hurt (experienced some pain or discomfort that they were not prepared for and are struggling to overcome) but in the end, without fail they are all frustrated. Here is my particular dilemma today. I am frustrated, and as you can imagine, it has a tendency to seriously diminish my effectiveness in helping others when I am not sure I give a damn myself. Literally, I am going to attempt to reason this whole mess out with you right here with me. First of all, what are the sources of frustration? A belief that we are never to fail? That anything short of perfection is not good enough? That we should be able to control everything that happens to us or for that matter that we do? Who told us these lies in the first place? I mean none of these questions make any rational sense when they are written before us but we still hold to these and many other nonsensical ideas as we crucify ourselves again and again. So how do I get past these feelings of frustration. First off, maybe take it a little easy on yourself. I am harder on myself than anyone else could ever be in the world (and for the record a tongue like a razor will still slice through a brain even when it doesn't use a voice). Forgive yourself and try to keep a rational frame of mind. Rome wasn't built in a day and for that matter it took more than a day for it to burn so you probably can give yourself a little leeway. After that, go back to the lab, the drawing board, the locker room, or wherever else you go to make plans and draw up some revised fucking plans. Take into consideration incremental growth and stop believing that you have to be a phenom all of the time. Possibly most importantly, take the time to let a little healing take place before you go tearing away all of the new flesh that is trying to grow in your wound (literally and figuratively). Alright, I'm feeling much better actually. maybe you got something out of that, maybe not. Now I'm in the mood for scalping some pounds off some people and whatever baggage comes with....



5 min warm up
5x 5 burpee push ups
5x 15 meters of lunges
5x 5 squat to over head press
5x 5 inverted rows
5x 5 50 yard sprints
5x 5 10 yard sprints
5x 5 frog hops for height
2x 25 negative crunches
2x 25 side swishies
2x 10 supermans
5 min cool down

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