28 February, 2012

The Base

Derby season is continuing to gain momentum as we move forward and with it the excitement in the air is building. What to do with all of this nervous energy? I say make it work for you. This is the best point in the season for us to focus on the things that will set us up for success the rest of the year. The first thing to focus on is going to be endurance because it takes the longest to build properly. The point of this phase of training is to set a base or jumping off point for the rest of the things necessary to crush it the rest of the year. A few details: 1. This is the phase where we focus on fundamentals IN EVERYTHING (skating form, hitting form, lifting form, and cardio conditioning) 2. This is the phase that can be the most boring so keep that in mind going in because it is absolutely necessary.

Now to the meat of it. The reasoning behind approaching endurance training first is both biological and psychological. Putting in the time up front will certainly build a toughness that will come in very handy as the season begins to try to grind you down, not to mention help you avoid injury. Rather than continue rambling, here is your workout. Fell free to ask any questions you may have



5 min. warm up
3x 20 chest presses on ball
3x 50 skier squats
3x 20 over head presses
3x 20 back flys
4x plank to failure
20 min cardio (preferably running, miserable as it may be)
5 min cool down

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